Scooter Repairs

We offer full service and repairs for any scooter. Can’t drop off your scooter? We do pick-ups and deliveries. Call 941-486-0690 to make an appointment, check for availability, or stop by; walk-ins welcome.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Gas in engine: Usually when storing your gas scooter for several months at a time, you should drain the gas out of the tank. If you did this, check to make sure that the gas tank is full of clean gas.
  • Old gas: If you did not remove the gas during the winter months, or for when storing for more than a few months, the gas can turn stale. You will know this by a varnish smell and gummy deposits. This old gas will clog up the carburetor so that the engine will not run.
  • Check choke adjustment: Another common problem for your gas scooter not starting is that the choke is not adjusted. Check to see if the choke is open or closed within the air cleaner. This will help you make the adjustments for a cold start.
  • Check air filter: If the air filter has been clogged with a lot of dust, or other debris, then it will not get the necessary oxygen into the combustion chamber. Remove it and replace it or clean it off with some air.